Sunday, September 2, 2012

Japan: Temples of Kyoto

Postcard 1- Kinkakuji Temple, Kyoto
The card shows Kinkakuji temple. This is Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto. Also known as temple of Golden Pavilion. It was built in 14th century.

Thanks to Ms Mati.
Postcard 2-  Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto
  The card shows Kiyomizu temple, Kyoto. It was built in 8th century. Kiyomizu means holy water. The high platform of the temple gives a wonderful Panoramic view of the city.

Thanks to Ms Ai.

Postcard 3- Byodoin Temple, Uji
The temple on the card is of Byodoin in city of Uji, Kyoto. This temple was originally built in 998 in the Heian period as a rural villa of Fujiwara no Michinaga, one of the most powerful members of the Fujiwara clan. This villa was changed to a Buddhist temple by Fujiwara no Yorimichi in 1052. The most famous building in the temple is the Phoenix Hall or the Amida Hall, constructed in 1053.

Thanks to Satoko-k.

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